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For my main Photo library, I use Adobe Lightroom Classic. It does everything you would want, and does it really well. But I only use it for my photographic photos. That is, photos that have a bit of thought put into them, the kind of photos that are taken with a tripod, or a circular polariser. I also use Apple Photos as my everything-ever-taken library, so all my phone photos, all my photographic photos, all my holiday photos, random snaps, and everything in-between.

Apple Photos has become a really powerful photo library management tool and image editor. It seamlessly syncs across all my devices, as well as iCloud Photos, which makes it a really useful part of my backup process.

As a managed library, there is a database that holds all the information about the photos and videos in the library. This database is an SQLite3 database, a very popular open source database that has plenty of tools to query the data held within. The only tricky part is figuring out how the data is structured.

In this post, I'm showing a few picked highlights from my Apple Photos library. This is not an exhaustive report, but given the dataset, it does show a good overview of the photographic equipment I've used over the years, and how my photographic style has changed to reflect this. There's quite a lot of data to make sense of, and this is a mostly un-edited dump of stats.

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